Family Fun in Batam?

A number of months ago at the Cycosports Tour De Barelang cycling event I was faced with this question from a fellow expat, “What is there for a young family to do in Batam?” It is questions like these that we, the Hi Batam team, love to have the privilege to answer. We realize that there is a lack of information about the island readily available for potential visitors and we desire to help to fill that gap.

Being an expat with a young family myself, I would like to give the best answer that I possibly can to this question.

When my wife and I find our kids wrestling with boredom or we just want to get out and have a good time as a family, here are a few places that we choose to go to on our island:

1. Top 100 Batu Aji Waterpark

This is a good quality waterpark in the Batu Aji area of Batam. (Any taxi driver should know how to get there) You can find a number of entertaining things to do here for both you and your children. Ranging from waterslides to a lazy river and kids play area, this waterpark is one of the family recreational jewels on Batam.

  1. Coastarina

Located conveniently in Batam Centre, Coastarina is a seaside recreational area featuring a waterpark, a large playground, bicycle rental, various restaurants, and plenty of space to run around. There are small fees for the various activities within the park, usually only a couple of dollars per activity. My family highly recommends this area, as it is difficult to find decent parks on the island.

  1. Affordable Movie Theaters

Being from the U.S., we rarely go out to the movie theater, as movie prices are astronomical, however in Batam we frequently go out to the theater because prices are much more reasonable. A four person family seeing a movie, as well as getting drinks and snacks will find themselves spending only around $30 for the entire experience. With theaters located in most malls, there should be a convenient theater choice near you wherever you find yourself on the island.

  1. Arcades

The island of Batam is packed full of arcades. If you ever need to just let your kids loose to get rid of some energy, we recommend bringing them to one these arcades, such as Timezone, which is found in most malls. You will first need to purchase a pre-loaded card, which are relatively cheap and can be re-used, and then your kids will have their passport to enjoy various games and rides ranging from car racing to carousels.

Thanks for reading our blog and tune in next week for more!

Corey Hicks

Hi Batam Project Manager


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